Dear Captain Bill & Patty,

I want to let you know just what a great day we had yesterday with Captain Todd and Mate Keith on your Lady Patricia.  As you'll remember, we had a good day last week in questionable weather that you labeled "fair at best".  Well, yesterday scored a 9.7 on our Fishter Scale.

Captain Todd told us up front that he was heading out 32 miles to make our day.  The weather was also a 9.7 as the sea was flat, the breeze was light and sunglasses were used by most. Well, Todd sure wasn't wrong as the whole boat scored from start to finish (except for one stop at the Dreaded Dogs Home) with really nice market sized Cod & Pollack and a few nice Haddock.  Between the 4 of us, our fillet bags weighed in at near 100 lbs, nicely filleted by Keith.

Please pass along our sincerest Thanks to Captain Todd and Mate Keith for such a terrific day on The Ledge We'll see you again in Rye Harbor soon,

Don McGinley

Thanks Captain Bill, Captain Todd and First Mate Keith for the great day out on the Lady Patricia. Once again you have proved you run the best boat on the North New England coast. Big stable boat with plenty of working space means everyone on board gets a quality time fishing in comfort with very nice equipment for those without their own rods. Those special Pollock stops were really exciting and provided me the best fishing I ever experienced for both quality and quantity of fish. It was hard to get the jig to the bottom without hooking up. My wife sends special thanks for the beautiful job First Mate Keith did on my cooler full of fillets.

Every dog has his day.
Frank D. 



Hey Capt. Bill And Capt. Todd,

   I want to thank you again for one of the best fishing trip of my life. You run the most professional boat I have ever been on. You guys are right on top of things and are a pleasure to fishing with and  I am going to recommend you to all of my friends that go fishing.  I have found my new boat for fishing along with my other 6 buddies that went fishing with us. Can’t wait to get back on with you in Oct. for some more nice Pollock.  I’ll be bringing some more of my Custom Snacks for you.  Big John!

My Wife Dolores and I wanted to thank you all for the awesome  3 days fishing last week on the Lady Patricia. To say that the fishing was great would be an understatement and it had a lot to do with the outstanding crew and dedication you put in to finding fish and showing everyone a great time.
We can’t wait to come back in the Fall and fish with you guys, have a great summer and keep up the great job .
Thanks Captain Bill for the great fishing trip for me and my 3 brothers and nephew. This is the second time I have been out with you and I have been with a few other boats around the NH and Maine region. The quality of service you provide is 1st place and the boat is the best. That open boat concept makes it a great trip whether you have no partners or 3 brothers and a nephew. The mates are really good and always give the client the feeling that they are important. Your crew works very hard to give satisfaction. I hope to come back many more times to fish with your team.
Frank Dattilio
North Hero, Vt



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