6/8/14:  Great weather and slow fishing.  Lots of cusk and red fish to catch but the Cod and Haddock are scarce. Lots of bait on the ledge and these fish must be so full they do not want clams. Catching fish everyday but not up to where we should be for June. 

6/4/14: Light rain, fog and calm seas made for an excellent day on the ocean. Started out with a good Haddock bite but then ran into a lot of gill nets.  Moved about 10 miles in a few stops to get out of the nets and catching fish again.  It was a good day of fishing and a fair day of keeping.  Still a little slow but there was a better bite today than we have seen in the past few weeks. 

We have 2 boats out for the next 3 days. Hope we get into them heavy. More later. 

6/2/14: Nice weather and great sea conditions with a 8 foot swell out of the S/E. We did a lot of moving around today and caught fish at each stop.  The number of fish were low however. One angler ended up with his limit in cod by swing a jig the entire trip.  Others did not far as well. The pool was a 14 pound Cod caught by Brian.

There is 1 seat available for this Thursday on the Lady Patricia and 2 seats for Friday on the Tyfany Maria.  

6/1/14:  Fishing has been a challange the last few trips out. There is lots of bait on the ledge and lots of cod and haddock. The problem is trying to get them to bite after they had a 5 course meal. We end up with some good days and some fair days.  Nothing like it was a few weeks ago.  Weather is nice and seas are light. I have tried shallow water at 165 ft and went to the deep end of the pool at 360 ft. The results are the same. Today is another day so away we go.   

5/28/14: The weather at the Harbor was not good.  Blowing N/E at 25 Knots Plus. Had to send everyone home.  

5/26/14: The weather was cloudy wet and cold all week.  Fishing has been slow for some reason.  Back at it today Wednesday and the weather is cold.  Feels like fall.

5/19/14:  Fishing remains steady for the last few days except for Sunday which was a slow pick at best. One of the slowest days in weeks.  Yesterday we came back hard with and excellent trip by days end. We did 2 drifts for the day.



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